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TRANSCEND the SYSTEM // Flow-fit Tank Top

$ 33.00



  • Ships in 1-3 business days
  • Male model is 6'2 ft tall - 170 lbs - wearing size L
  • Custom cut & sew garment from raw fabric
  • Material: Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Crazy-soft, light, flowy fabric
  • Loose/draped fit and scooped hem
  • Full-sized prints on front and back
  • For size chart, click here.



  • Front Text: "Transcend the System"
  • Front Graphic: Ancient Om symbol w/ 2 eyes to represent the dots in a bass clef, along with crystals as the "Bindu" transcendental point.
  • Back graphic: RN chakra design



This design was created to remind the wearer not to attach to things that we cannot control. We believe that to find inner peace, we should transcend, or move beyond (and grow out of), the box we've been placed into by an often repressive society, and take responsibility for our own happiness. In other words, in light of the unique obstacles we each face, we can choose to create our own abundance, our own beliefs, and ultimately, our own path through life. 

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