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REAL EYES V2 • GROKKO • Canvas Wraps

$ 39.00



  • Rectangle-shaped canvas wall art with black wrapped border
  • Printed on high-quality artist stock, then stretched and wrapped around wood fiberboard
  • Frames are 1.25" thick 
  • Hooks on both sides for instant hanging
  • UV coating is scratch-resistant
  • Every picture of the canvas is a real photo of the item (some are placed in digital themes)
  • The artist receives royalties for every piece sold 
  • Multiple sizes available 
    • 12x18 inch
    • 20x30 inch
    • 32x48 inch



Grokko began his artistic journey shortly after crash-landing in Houston, Earth from his homeland Mars, Mars. 

 Grokko's unique style merges the past with the future, creating a space where science fiction and ancient wisdom reside together. His hand-drawn works are laid with the intention of stirring memories within our subconscious, to return us to the origins of humanity and discover our purpose going forward. It is through the connection to our timeless selves that our dreams can materialize. Grokko hopes his art will inspire others to work hard, break free of the social norm, and live as authentically as possible, just as it allows him to do the same. Support your local alien. 

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Instagram = @g.432_