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ETERNAL ALCHEMY V1 • YANTRART • Semi-Sheer Shawl/Sarong

$ 25.00




 100% Polyester

• Fabric is flowy and semi-sheer when the sun shines through it



• SIZE - 74.5” length x 29” width

• LIGHT - Perfect for accessorizing without adding any weight. Can be folded to fit in a small purse or fanny pack.

• VERSATILE - Can we used as a shawl/scarf, sarong, tapestry, etc. There are many ways to get creative with this piece.



VIBRANTArtwork is printed in high definition on the front side, with deep blacks and crisp lines. The back shows a muted reflection of this art.

• SIMPLIFIED - edges are hemmed without tassels 



• This shawl was woven with a subtle crosshatch pattern using white polyester thread, then sublimated to capture the intricate detail of hand-drawn artwork.


"It begins from the creation as the Flower of life on the center, evolving and developing the Platonic solids around of it.

The 4 solids on the sides (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, and icosahedron) are the ones representing the 4 elements.

Those lead to the pure alchemical element symbols (the 4 triangles), which is the base of everything.

The Merkabah (as a cosmic vehicle) on the bottom, and the Dodecahedron (as the ether) on the top, are the solids conducting to the Universe, represented as the Eternal Knot and the Torus on the very top and bottom." ~ Yantrart


• Hand-drawn design by Yantrart

"I started this journey in 2016, when I decided that drawing, in all its ways, was what I wanted to do. I am an interior designer and a self-taught illustrator. Mixing both professions is the best way for me to apply my drawing into spaces, creating nice vibes and special mood inside.

I am specialized in geometry and mandalas, but I am always open to do whatever the customer needs. I love to draw, design and make people happy using the representation. I take a lot of time drawing and designing to reach my own style, a style which is meant to be different and unique!

I do custom artworks for home decoration, tattoo designs, mural wall paintings, graphic design, illustration, 3D models, and much more.

Thank you all for all support and your interest!" ~ Yantrart 

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