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SHUGYOSHA • STOIC DIGITAL • Limited Edition • Canvas Wrap

$ 39.00 $ 49.00



  • Limited edition only 222 made
  • Rectangle-shaped canvas wall art with black wrapped border
  • Printed on high-quality artist stock, then stretched and wrapped around wood fiberboard
  • Frames are 1.25" thick 
  • Hooks on both sides for instant hanging
  • UV coating is scratch-resistant
  • The artist receives royalties for every piece sold 
  • Multiple sizes available 
    • 20x20 inch
    • 24x24 inch
    • 30x30 inch
    • 36x36 inch


"Stoic Digital is a visionary media agency focusing on custom digital art, branding systems, merchandise design, and ultimately, experience creation. Branded with the bust of Marcus Aurelius, Stoic Digital’s primary dictum involves philosophical principles ranging from Ray Kurzweil to David Hume, recognizing the unique abilities bestowed upon all individuals as a consequence of existing during this technological age- simultaneously highlighting and emphasizing ideas hard-won by great thinkers of the past. Consequently, Stoic’s art style fuses modern aesthetics with organic elements often found in roman or greek architecture. This synthesis of visual motifs is aimed at creating content imbued with a sense of meaning and timelessness."



Inspired directly by 'Musashi', a historic novel written by Eiji Yoshiawa - Shugyosha is a label given to the infamous swordsman Takezo ( Myomoto Musashi), as described by a servant reporting his presence to the leaders of the Toshioka School, a prestigious center for martial arts which suffered severe humiliation by the hand of  Takezo. 

The Shugyosha is described as a ronin, or swordsman, that devotes his entire waking existence to the study of his craft. In the context of Musashi, Takezo travels alone, incorporating various methods of combat in an attempt to create a style that is uniquely his own. 

We can apply the Shugyosha philosophy to our daily lives, remembering what a privileged it is to be alive, acknowledging that each day grants us new opportunities to expand our knowledge, understanding, love, and reverence for the world around us.