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IMMERSION • STOIC DIGITAL • Luxury Fabric Tank Top

$ 40.00



  • Material: Premium Cotton/Spandex 
  • Scooped hem tank top cut & sewn from raw fabric. No "cookie-cutter" blanks used. 
  • Fabric hand-selected from hundreds of swatches for softness, stretch, and breathability 
  • The small amount of spandex improves the texture of the cotton and preserves the feel, dark color, and shape over time. No more "graying" after washing. 
  • 2 oversized screens used to print this design
  • Branded interior tags & exterior tags 
  • Cruelty-Free 



  • This item is made with a scooped hem bottom - this means it has a standard fit in the front and back.
  • We accept returns/exchanges within 45 days of purchase.
  • Male Model info: Height - 6 ft, wearing size L 



    • Representing the R.A.G.E x STOIC collaborative collection places you amongst a unique group of like-minded individuals - all striving towards mastery of their trade, passion, intellect, and immersion in the present state.
    • R.A.G.E.  x STOIC // Meditations Club
    • Concept and overall design created by Stoic Digital
    • Concept design edits and creative additions by Rage Nation Apparel
    • Collection 3 of our artist series
    • Front Graphic: "STOIC x Meditations" "The whole future lies in uncertainty." "Live immediately x Established 2019." Graphic portrait of Marcus Aurelius.
    • Back Graphic: "STOIC x Always Striving," "Rage Nation Apparel x Stoic Meditations Club"


    "Stoic Digital is a visionary media agency focusing on custom digital art, branding systems, merchandise design, and ultimately, experience creation. Branded with the bust of Marcus Aurelius, Stoic Digital’s primary dictum involves philosophical principles ranging from Ray Kurzweil to David Hume, recognizing the unique abilities bestowed upon all individuals as a consequence of existing during this technological age- simultaneously highlighting and emphasizing ideas hard-won by great thinkers of the past. Consequently, Stoic’s art style fuses modern aesthetics with organic elements often found in Roman or Greek architecture. This synthesis of visual motifs is aimed at creating content imbued with a sense of meaning and timelessness."

    INSTAGRAM: @stoicvisions




    Inspired by the writings of Seneca, the ‘Immersion’ tank urges us to seek immersion in the present moment. In the words of this Roman philosopher, “It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.” 

    Seneca influences us to ponder the allocation of our time, realizing the fleeting and uncertain nature of the universe in which we belong. In doing so, we are left understanding the necessity of living in the now and striving for a heightened awareness of the present state.