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DREAM AWAKE // Reversible Festival Shawl / Scarf

$ 40.00



*Please note that this item is woven, so there may be some slight variations in color and texture. Lighting can affect how dark the color appears. 

  • Ready to ship in 1-3 business days
  • Fabric is soft, light, and airy. 
  • Two-toned/reversible; front is soft black on white, back is white on soft black
  • Woven from acrylic/viscose yarn
  • Design elements: Egyptian inspired concept featuring winged scarab, Seed of Life, ankh, eye of Ra/Horus
  • Black knotted tassels
  • Cruelty-Free
  • 6 ft x 3 ft
  • Unisex



The Dream Awake concept was created to inspire the world to simply live out your dreams. Life goes faster than you think, and every morning we have two choices: continue to sleep your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

This design is heavily influenced with Egyptian symbolism, including the Eye of Horus; a symbol of protection, wisdom, & healing. The scarab beetle, which was thought by Ancient Egyptians to push the sun across the sky, is a symbol of forward momentum; the choice of continuing along your current path or discovering a path of enlightenment and a higher calling. The Seed of Life to represent the divine design within all living things. The geometry patterns symbolize the blueprint of reality and the interconnectedness that we all share as one. The meander or meandros bigger border pattern on the shawl can be described as one of the most important symbols in Ancient Greece, because of its connotations with unity and infinity. It also symbolizes the everlasting bonds of friendship, love, and devotion. That exact pattern in other cultures including East Asian religions was commonly used to symbolize divinity, spirituality, well being and in Buddhism, it was symbolized as the "auspicious footprints of the Buddha."

Realizing your true potential is a divine moment of truth and an awakening to your own reality. This powerful way of thinking will make anything possible, and break down all walls of impossibilities. We wish you an unfathomable journey in this dimension, may your path empower yourself and others around you to DREAM AWAKE.


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