DREAM AWAKE • Luxury Fabric Droptail T-Shirt

$ 40.00



  • 4 full-sized prints on soft & durable, high-quality cotton fabric
  • Custom cut & sew garment from raw fabric
  • Drop tail cut (shorter in the front - longer cut in the back)
  • One of the most comfortable tees we've created
  • Branded interior tags & exterior tags 
  • Cruelty-Free 



  • This item is made with a drop tail - this means it has a standard fit in the front with extra length in the back. 
  • We accept returns/exchanges within 45 days of purchase.
  • Model info: Coming soon




      • Method: Vinyl Printing
      • Front Graphics: Moon Phases over the Egyptian Eye of Horus/Ra, Egyptian Scarab, & the words "DREAM AWAKE"
      • Back Graphics: RNA Eye logo w/ the words "DREAM AWAKE," with the Egyptian Ankh, & Pyramid
      • Right Sleeve Graphic: rubber molded logo with moon phases
      • Left Sleeve Graphic: "Know the world in yourself. Never look for yourself in the world, for this would be to project your illusion." -Egyptian Proverbs quote x  "All things are possible. Who you are is only limited by who you think you are." -Egyptian Book of the Dead



      The Dream Awake concept was created to inspire the world to simply live out your dreams. Life goes faster than you think, and every morning we have two choices: continue to sleep your dreams, or wake up and chase them.

      This design is heavily influenced by Egyptian symbolism, including the Eye of Horus; a symbol of protection, wisdom, & healing. The scarab beetle, which was thought by Ancient Egyptians to push the sun across the sky, is a symbol of forwarding momentum; the choice of continuing along your current path or discovering a path of enlightenment and a higher calling.

      To realize your true potential is a divine moment of truth and an awakening to your current reality. Boundaries are created by what your mind decides is real. All things are possible as long as you follow the corresponding path. We wish you the best of luck on your journey and hope this design empowers you and those around you to DREAM AWAKE.