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BACK IN STOCK \\ CRYSTAL HORIZONS // Black/Gold Crystal Infused Ink Bandana

$ 25.00



  • Ship in 1-3 days
  • Material: 100% sustainable micro-modal from eco-harvested beechwood trees
  • Fabric is soft, slightly stretchy, and breathable enough to wear as a facemask
  • Metallic prints have a beautiful, subtle sheen
  • Inks are infused with selenite and alabaster
  • 21" x 21"



  • This design features a pattern made from a combination of sacred geometry symbols including Metatron's cube, the flower of life, and the tetrahedron. The symbols that climb the center of the piece, crowned with an eye and adorned with wings, are an artistic representation of ascension. 
  • Visionary artist: Lotus

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