LIVE FREE LOVE ALL • Crewneck Sweatshirt

$ 50.00 $ 60.00



  • 4 prints on soft & durable premium cotton 
  • Custom cut & sew garment from raw fabric
  • Warm & fuzzy on the inside 
  • Branded interior tags & exterior tags 
  • 3 Embroidered patches on shoulder 
  • Cruelty-Free 




  • This item is true-to-size and has a standard fit.
  • We accept returns/exchanges within 45 days of purchase.
  • Model info: 6 ft tall - 170 lbs - wearing size L 

      Size chart: coming soon! 


          DESIGN INFO

          • Method: Vinyl Printing / Embroidery
          • Front Graphics: "Live Free" x "Love All" with Buddha face statue. "Live Free" in Sanskrit & "Love Eachother x We Are Connected" in Chinese.
          • Back Graphic: Romie quote "Self-love must be your reflection in all living things." "Love All Living Things x Evolve Your Perception" in Chinese.
          • Right Sleeve Graphic: "Love Is Truth" in Chinese with our Jain See of Life design. Rage Nation Apparel stitched patch tag.
          • Left Sleeve Graphic: The sacred "Seed of Life" within the Jain Vow of Ahimsa, placed in front of the symbol of love in Chinese + "Ahimsa" in Sanskrit 



          This concept advocates the elimination of violence/harmful energy from one's mind, body, and spirit. We should seek to respect and love others to the same standard that we have for ourselves and to respect and love ourselves to the same standard that you love others. In short, it is meant to represent compassion at its core.

          The symbolism within this shirt serves as a reminder to stop and consider the greater impact of your thoughts, actions, and reactions. Every time we act or think, we are making a choice to change reality and create a ripple effect that can be positive, negative, or both. By choosing actions derived from love, we can assure our contributions to reality shape it to allow for our highest path to unfold, bringing us closer to truth and opening the door for others to follow.

          The Jain Aum within this design shows tribute to those who have paved the way for spiritual evolution/liberation, as well as those who are actively striving to achieve it.