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PYRAMIDS & CROWNS // Born I // Faux Leather Strapback Hat

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• Only 100 made
• Faux-leather exterior
• Double embroidered front logo
• Back Pyramids & Crowns logo
• Interior: Black Satin
• Custom Tapering w/ Gold Text
"Live Your Purpose, Pyramids & Crowns"



"The concept first came to me in a vision at a meditation retreat. While I was sitting in silence, I saw in my mind's eye the image of a golden pyramid with a flame burning at the apex. I used this image throughout the remainder of the retreat to remind me of my highest goals - artistic excellence, service to others and enlightenment. I shared the idea with my friend Alex Ferraro and he helped develop the vision into a sigil and a logo. From there we took it to our family at Rage Nation and developed things even further. The wearer of this hat is essentially wearing a symbol of manifestation - a model of each of our highest aspirations, whatever they may be. Live Your Purpose. Pyramids & Crowns." - Born I Music


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