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R. Ξ S Ø N A T Ξ  A.  G. R Ξ A T Ξ R   Ξ. X Ị S T Ξ N Ͼ Ξ

INFERNO // Red/Orange/Gold Festival Shawl

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  • Made from acrylic/viscose woven yarn
  • Incredibly soft and breathable; drapes beautifully.
  • Flowing lava-like pattern around the border of the shawl 
  • Versatile; can be worn in a variety of ways/styles
  • Colors: Black, red, orange
  • Unisex



  • 28” x 72” including fringes
  • 4" hand knotted tassels at each end
  • Approximate weight: 6.5 oz