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RESTOCKING SOON \\ CONNECTED // Mandelbrot Fractal // Grey Snapback w/ Interior Pocket

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  • Ships in 1-3 days
  • Circumference: 18-25 inches (adjustable)
  • Materials: Cotton, Satin, Suede
  • Color: Static Gray, Black, White
  • Features: Double Snap, Hidden Pocket



  • Method: Embroidered exterior, sublimated interior
  • Front Exterior: RN logo (Flower of Life, pyramid w/ winged cobras
  • Side Exterior: Crown chakra symbol
  • Back Exterior: The word "Connected"
  • Brim:  Mandelbrot fractal print
  • Headband: "We are all connected, only, egos, beliefs, and fears separate us"
  • Interior Design: Mandelbrot fractal



This piece was inspired by the famous mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot who invented the term "fractal”, a kind of geometry that allows us to define the world through mathematical formulas. These never-ending patterns with similarity at all sizes gave us further understanding of the interconnectedness of our existence. The quote inside the hat, "We are all connected, only, egos, beliefs, and fears separate us," touches on this concept. Despite our differences, we are all living this experience together, and we should work to dissolve the illusion of separation that is the root of conflict.

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