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TRANSCENDENCE • GOLD • GROKKO • Reversible Festival Shawl/Scarf

$ 40.00




 Woven with acrylic/viscose yarn - a cruelty-free alternative to the wool traditionally used for pashmina scarves

• This yarn is popular because of its subtle silky sheen and anti-fade properties. Colors appear vibrant and reflect light.



• Shawl size: 75” length x 26” width

• Fabric is lightweight and breathable. The feel is extremely soft and glides over the skin.

• This makes our shawls ideal for both hot and cold weather, convenient to carry and travel with, and can be tied/styled in multiple ways. 



• Design is fully reversible - front is black with gold graphics, and back is gold with black graphics.

"TRANSCENDENCE: It means To Climb Beyond. Beyond normal. Beyond the basic experience. To elevate oneself into higher states of being. This design, Transcendence, was created for that purpose. To tap into that collective memory and remind us of Greatness and of our eternal connection to Greatness. These images awaken us, and once awake there is no return to the boring slumber of "normal" living. We have entered a realm devoid of the banal and commonplace. Everything is meaningful.  We remember the significance of Every Action, Every Thought, Every Feeling. We have Transcended into a higher state of consciousness and Love. Forever ascending. "

• Artwork text: 

  • "Surrender to what is, let go of what was, trust in what is to come."
  • "Liberate the Mind, Evolve the World."
  • "Rage Nation x Grokko G.432"
  • "Transcendence" 



• The colored yarn is woven to form the intricate designs using a large embroidery machine. The tassels are then braided to seal the ends. Next, our team hand-inspects each shawl to ensure quality and consistency. Any shawls that don't meet standards are donated to charity. 


This collaboration was such a beautiful journey with Grokko. For roughly a year, he worked out the foundation of this artwork by hand. We went back and forth with ideas and concepts for months. When the final email landed from the master himself, we knew this was it. We had the honor of digitizing and infusing our style into his piece. After endless hours of designing, and months of sampling, the first-ever shawl collaboration is here. 


Grokko began his artistic journey shortly after crash-landing in Houston, Earth from his homeland Mars, Mars.

Grokko's unique style merges the past with the future, creating a space where science fiction and ancient wisdom reside together. His hand-drawn works are laid with the intention of stirring memories within our subconscious, to return us to the origins of humanity and discover our purpose going forward. It is through the connection to our timeless selves that our dreams can materialize. Grokko hopes his art will inspire others to work hard, break free of the social norm, and live as authentically as possible, just as it allows him to do the same. Support your local alien.

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