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Our names are Bill and Heather. If you’re reading this “about us” page, then that means the internet has succeeded in connecting us with another like-minded soul, and that’s awesome. We’re so happy you’re here. 


In order to properly convey what we stand for as a brand, we’d like to share our story with you. It all starts with the name. Rage Nation Apparel. It’s an interesting choice for a company dedicated to spreading messages of positivity. Still, the name is so representative of the transformation that has taken place, both within ourselves and our company, over the past several years. It demonstrates the place we started, and the place we are heading – a journey that we believe many can relate to.

Back in 2013, we were both deeply entrenched in the EDM movement. We had fallen in love, not just with each other, but with the music. With the social environment and the feeling of love and acceptance you get when you enter it. Music festivals are magical places where you’re encouraged to be your full self, and where you feel connected to every one around you, despite your differences. This inspired us, and so we wanted to do more than just attend the events. We started a company, and began to make clothing geared towards this growing counter-culture. We’ll never forget the first event we ever vended, which involved a 6-foot beer pong table, four t-shirt designs, and a lamp. 

At that time, we were relatively naïve and somewhat reckless, at the ages of 18 and 22. We still had so much to learn about ourselves, and had yet to really develop our own identity. It was a period of experimentation, and therefor of learning, and this business played a huge part in that. It gave us something to focus on, a medium of expressing all that we had learned and all that had inspired us along the way. From there, our message started to crystallize, and our brand began to mature alongside us.

Instead of focusing solely on the EDM scene, we began to focus on the ideals that we had extracted from our festival experiences. Unity. Acceptance. Gratitude. Love in all forms. These are concepts that we can all connect with, regardless of our age, history, or individual beliefs, and that’s what we wanted our clothing to express. So, we changed the word “Rage” in our name to an acronym: Resonate A Greater Existence. 

We wanted to initiate a change, starting in the mind and heart, because we truly believe that our thoughts and emotions dictate how reality unfolds. Everything in the physical starts as an idea, or a feeling. We wanted our products to be like conduits for positive energy, carrying a message to all who see them, and acting as a form of expression for the wearer. To depict these abstract ideals, we used powerful ancient symbolism, reminding us of the knowledge humanity already holds. After all, love is not a new concept, but an ancient one. 

We’re still not finished with our journey, and we still have a lot to learn. We are so far from perfect. But every day that we get to connect with our amazing customers, and every day that we get to spend huddled together creating art and exploring new ideas, is a day that we grow and get closer to our vision. A vision that wouldn’t be possible without you.