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Care Instructions

Follow these care instructions to keep your Rage Nation merchandise in the best condition possible:

 • Hand-wash(cold) or dry clean only.
 • Lay flat between towels or hang to dry.

 • Gently hand-wash or spot-treat with mild detergent
 • Hang indoors or lay between towels to dry 
*DO NOT use dryer or sun-dry (after washing/wet) as the heat can affect the integrity of prints over time. 

 • Hand-wash in cold water (best) OR
 • Turn inside out and machine wash on cold/delicate
 • Use a gentle detergent
 • Hang indoors or lay between two towels to dry
*AVOID high heat from a dryer (after washing), as this may cause shrinkage. 

 • Fill a bowl with cool water and a splash of detergent.
 • Carefully wipe hat down with the soapy water.
• Avoid friction on areas with embroidery or screen prints.
• Wipe down again with clean water, or rinse under sink.
• Allow hat to air-dry indoors.