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Affiliate Terms/Conditions

Types of Programs
We currently offer three affiliate categories: influencer, street team, and content creator.

A single affiliate may utilize one or more of these categories. Affiliate must specify which categories they’d like to participate in upon application so that we can a) determine your eligibility and b) get you the resources you need. Your chosen category is not permanent and can be changed upon request.

The below marketing tools will be provided to affiliates in each category.

Influencer – You will initially receive a referral link, and access to our database of creative content. Free merchandise may be offered at our discretion.

Street Team – You will be provided with a database of shareable and printable content to distribute to your network. If you choose, you will also have the option to order flyers, stickers, catalogues, and/or other marketing materials. These can be purchased from our affiliate store at a discounted rate. These items can be customized to include your referral link.

Content Creator – Similar to influencer, you will be able to generate your own affiliate link, have access to our creative content (this includes text links, photography, and other blog-related content). Free merchandise may be offered at our discretion.

Applicants will be considered for their desired category and evaluated based on relevancy and experience. You will receive notice of qualification or denial within 7 days of applying. Acceptance into the program is solely based on the information you provide in your application. There is no limit on how many times a person may apply.

Ranks / Tiers
There are six ranks that an affiliate can hold, each with it’s own commission tier. All affiliates, regardless of their category will use the same ranking system. Your rank is determined by the amount of revenue you have brought in over the life of your membership with us. Please remember that only valid referrals can contribute to your total. Your rank never expires or gets reset. To keep it fair, everyone will begin at the “Beginner Rank”.

The commission tiers are as follows:

Beginner Rank – 8% commission – $0 of referred sales needed to qualify
Bronze Rank – 10% commission – $2,500 of referred sales needed to qualify
Silver Rank – 11% commission – $5,000 of referred sales needed to qualify
Gold Rank – 12% commission – $10,000 of referred sales needed to qualify
Platinum Rank – 13% commission – $15,000 of referred sales needed to qualify
Diamond Rank – 14% commission – $20,000 of referred sales needed to qualify

 *Custom discount codes become available at the Bronze rank, or at our discretion.

You can keep track of your commissions through your affiliate dashboard. Please note that commissions are only generated when a customer clicks your affiliate link (or uses your custom discount code). It is the responsibility of the affiliate to make sure their posted link is free of errors or typos. Manual commissions will NOT be given, since there is no way for us to confirm the source of the sale.

Valid Referrals
In order for a referral to be valid, the customer must have clicked your custom referral link and completed a purchase within 30 days of clicking. If a customer clicks on multiple referral links, the most recent one will get the commission.

For those who have coupon codes, a referral becomes valid as soon as your code is used.

If an order for which an affiliate received a commission is refunded/cancelled before the order gets delivered to the customer, this will result in invalid referral.

Note – you cannot refer yourself!! There are often discount codes available for use if you’d like to make a purchase with us, so please utilize these instead of clicking your own link.

Coupon Codes 
During the application process, you will have the option to create your own custom coupon code. Each affiliate may have only one active coupon code at a time. You can edit your coupon code (1) time per 6 month period by contacting us through your affiliate dashboard or by sending an email to Coupon codes by default will award customers 10% off qualifying items. As stated above, a coupon code will create a referral and can be advertised in place of your referral link for the following collections: AHIMSA, AWAKEN, DIVINITY, DREAM AWAKE, MANTRA, LOVE IS LAW, MANTRA, SEEK TRUTH. 

Please note that all artist collaborations will be excluded from coupon codes. You can use your referral link to direct customers to these items. This rule affects the following collections: GLENN THOMSON, GROKKO G432, STOIC DIGITAL, YANTRART DESIGNS

Coupon codes can be used (1) times per customer. 

All payments will be sent out on the first business day of each week. There are no thresholds, which means your payment will be sent whether you made $1 or $1,000. Commissions are distributed using PayPal mass payments, so the affiliate must register their PayPal account in order to receive payment. Processing times may vary, but typically it takes 1-2 business days for the funds to show up in your account.

Please remember that commission payments are a form of income and affiliates are responsible for calculating and reporting any taxes required by your government.

On occasion, we will hold various contests that offer prizes in the form of bonuses. These bonuses will generally be awarded to the person that makes the most referrals in a given time period. Bonuses will be added to your commission payment and follow the same payment terms.

If, at any time up to 30 days after a sale, we determine a referral is not valid, we reserve the right to reverse the commission awarded for that referral. If this happens, the reason of reversal will be provided to the affiliate for review. If 30 days pass after the referred purchase was made, that referral is considered final and valid regardless of circumstance.

Usage / Permissions
All affiliates are allowed limited use of the copyrighted images and content that is provided in the creative content database for their marketing efforts. However, these items remain our intellectual property and may not be modified or used for any other purpose that is unrelated to the affiliate program.

Important note: All affiliates MUST consider themselves their own independent entity and may never imply that they are acting or speaking on behalf of Rage Nation Apparel. You may not directly advertise Rage Nation Apparel products through paid advertising or any other avenue that competes with our own messaging.

Content / Conduct
You must abide by all laws governing the internet and its usage. When marketing, we ask that you conduct yourself in a respectful manner, and any affiliates that use ANY FORM of obscene/offensive language, imagery, or hateful speech will be removed from the program. We want to foster a positive vibe within the community and will not allow anyone to use our program in a hateful way.

You must not attempt to lie to or mislead potential customers, or represent yourself or Rage Nation in a false/misleading way. You must not engage in any scams, spam or sending unsolicited emails in connection with Rage Nation Apparel.

Term / Termination
We have the right to terminate any affiliate we deem to have broken any of the rules mentioned above, without prior notice. You also have the right to withdraw from the program at any time, for any reason.

If you are terminated, any commissions you have earned before the termination will be paid out at that time. However, any sales that come from your affiliate link AFTER you have been terminated will not be awarded a commission. This also applies if you decide to terminate yourself.

We, Rage Nation Apparel, reserve the right to change/modify any part of this agreement at our discretion. If we choose to do so, the modified version of these Terms/Conditions will be distributed by email.