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AMETHYST DHARMA • Reversible Festival Shawl/Scarf

$ 45.00




 Woven with acrylic/viscose yarn - a cruelty-free alternative to the wool traditionally used for pashmina scarves

• This yarn is popular because of its subtle silky sheen and anti-fade properties. Colors appear vibrant and reflect light.



• Shawl size: 75” length x 26” width

• Fabric is lightweight and breathable. The feel is extremely soft and glides over the skin.

• This makes our shawls ideal for both hot and cold weather, convenient to carry and travel with, and can be tied/styled in multiple ways. 



• Design is fully reversible - the front is black with our custom amethyst gradient colored graphics. The back is the amethyst gradient with black graphics.

• Design elements: dharma wheel, eightfold path(spokes), three treasures(center), sacred geometry, endless knot, yin yang, chinese calligraphy, eyes, flower of life, typography, patterns on patterns. 

• Artwork text: Ever-evolving - practice the life of love - be kind to others - may we stay pure - live your divine truth through the wheel of dharma - resonate a greater existence - realize your infinite potential - believe in yourself - we all have purpose



• The colored yarn is woven to form the intricate designs using a large embroidery machine. The tassels are then braided to seal the ends. Next, our team hand-inspects each shawl to ensure quality and consistency. Any shawls that don't meet standards are donated to charity. 




 This concept was inspired by the ancient Dharmachakra or Dharma Wheel - the eight-spoked wheel depicted at the center of this piece. These spokes represent the "Noble Eightfold Path": the eight practices thought to lead humanity to liberation from Samsara (the cycle of rebirth). The endless knots, borders and eyes are there to represent protection through your journey. The endless knot is constructed  from something representing matter, and inside of the knot represents the space between, symbolic of the spirit. Together, this demonstrates the co-dependence of wisdom and compassion.

To put our intent of this garment in layman's terms, it was meant to represent the notion of overcoming obstacles, difficulties and challenges we face through life in the most sanctifying way. This artwork symbolizes our spiritual progression as individuals and serves as a reminder of our testing path to enlightenment. In Hinduism, Dharma represents order. In the holy texts, it represents the law which each individual should follow. The endless cycles of existence: learning and relearning to elevate and evolve as humans. With the memories of happiness and pain throughout life in mind, creating this was a deeply moving experience. 

There's more to write about this piece and a plethora of interpretations on the symbolism. We send our love and gratitude to everyone reading this. We wish you the most in all your endeavors. Never give up, and never stop pursuing the greatest version of yourself.  

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