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RESTOCKED • AMETHYST DHARMA • Reversible Festival Shawl/Scarf

Sale price$ 45.00

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PRE-ORDER • AMETHYST DHARMA • Reversible Festival Shawl/Scarf Shawls
RESTOCKED • AMETHYST DHARMA • Reversible Festival Shawl/Scarf Sale price$ 45.00

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful design

Didn’t last past day one, snagged on my hydration pack and more stuff. So it was a mess, I did have friends with other pashminas from rage that were much better quality and wasn’t the type to get snagged. Other than the thin material on this specific pash, designs were nice.


This pashmina is absolutely beautiful! The colors are super vibrant and the image is exactly as pictured. Some pashminas aren’t exactly vivid, especially on the other side, but this one is beautiful on both sides! It’s not super thick or super thin, but it’s the perfect in between. I own 4 RNA pashminas and I will be purchasing more! The quality is great! I would much rather invest in purchasing these pashminas than getting random thin ones. For example, I ordered a cute pashmina online from somewhere else and it was way too thin, not at all vibrant. It was a cute image, but not worth it at all. Although I do hope RNA branch out and have a drop with more patterns or make more collabs with other artists. Other than that, great pashmina! The pashmina is exactly as pictured! Get it!

Johan Aghevli
Stand out pashmina

Not your run-of-the-mill pashmina. The amethyst line is one of my favorites produced by Rage Nation. It’s reversible and the contrasting colors are vibrant enough to make you stand out in any festival.


The details on this pashmina are to die for! Not to mention the quality is top notch and super soft. Woven to perfection

Joy Pack
These are the best pash options!

RAGE nation pashminas are the best. Period. They are larger and better made than almost anything else on the market and not to mention the colors and designs are stunning. I have 3 RAGE Nation pashminas already and feel like I will never have enough. Run, don’t walk.