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R. Ξ S Ø N A T Ξ  A.  G. R Ξ A T Ξ R   Ξ. X Ị S T Ξ N Ͼ Ξ

BACK IN STOCK \\ V2 OМ AWAKEN CROWN // Black/Silver // Snapback w/ Interior Pocket

$ 40.00



  • Ships in 1-3 business days
  • Custom cut and sew from raw fabric
  • Circumfrence: 18-25 inches (adjustable)
  • Materials: Hemp, Satin
  • Color: Black, Silver, White
  • Features: Hidden Pocket



  • Method: Embroidered exterior, sublimated interior 
  • Front Exterior: Om symbol
  • Back Exterior: Eye of Horus 
  • Side Exterior: RN "Awaken" Flower of Life logo
  • Brim: Flower of Life
  • Interior Graphic: Mandala - Metatron's Cube
  • Interior Headband: "Waking State" "Dream State" "Unconscious State" "Illusion State" "Absolute State"  



This concept was influenced by the Om, or Aum, a powerful symbol and mantra found across many cultures and religions, all with somewhat varied meanings and connotations. The "Om", to us, is the all-encompassing vibration of the Universe. It is the voice of all things in creation testifying to the divine presence of every atom, aligning the mind, body, and spirit, and clearing the mind for meditation. It is though to bring about an ascension and expansion of our energy.

The Om also symbolizes each state of consciousness: absolute, illusion, waking, dream, and unconscious states.

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