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FREE YOUR MIND // Suede Dad Hat w/ Interior Pocket

$ 35.00



  • Ships in 1-3 business days
  • Custom cut and sew from raw fabric
  • Circumference 18-25 inches (adjustable)
  • Materials: Suede, Satin
  • Color: Black, White
  • Features: Hidden Pocket



  • Method: Embroidered exterior, sublimated interior 
  • Front Exterior: "Free Your Mind" 
  • Back Exterior: All seeing eye 
  • Side Exterior: Tibetan Om symbol
  • Interior Headband: "Seek Truth the Eye of Wisdom"
  • Interior Design: Yin-Yang Flower of Life graphic
  • Buckle: Matte Black
  • Back Strap: Sublimated flower of life pattern
  • Eyelets: Black



This "Free Your Mind" concept was created to express the importance of discovering truth on your path towards higher consciousness. We live in the age of information and dis-information, & a way to lift the veil of a society that has been systematically repressed from truth is to free your mind. Perceiving the world through our third eye or "the seat of your soul," creates an existence of clarity, acceptance, love, connection, while feeling free of negativity & judgment. We hope this message resonates with each person, and we encourage you to discover your own meaning within this concept.

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